BOTW: Sig P320 “Project Nemesis”

    The fourteenth Installment of Build of the Week was contributed by M Bear.  Any mention of “Project Nemesis” immediately brings up visions of Milla Jojovich and a genetically engineered zombie apocalypse. This build would probably serve well in putting down the lower undead, but may not fair as well against the actual Nemesis. Unless it is meant as a backup weapon FOR the Nemesis?

    In any case, keep the submissions coming in!  We are publishing them in the order in which they were received (with the exception of a single person submitting back to back–those will get spread out).

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    This is my Sig P320 X-Carry, what I refer to as “Project Nemesis.” The internals of the gun are stock but the exterior is clearly significantly modified. Aftermarket parts include:

    • Bar-Sto threaded barrel,
    • Springer Precision “shorty” 9mm compensator,
    • Sig Romeo1 red dot (the pistol came with it pre-installed),
    • Surefire X300U,
    • Sig magwell from the X-Five,
    • and extended magazines with Springer Precision base pads and Grams Engineering spring and follower kits.

    The gun is no heavier and no larger than a 5″ 1911, carries 27 rounds of 9mm in the extended magazines, and is the flattest shooting pistol I’ve ever owned. Intended purpose is as my home defense nightstand gun, competition blaster, and just about anything else I can think of to use it for

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