Huntego Cleanshot 20 Gauge Bore Cleaner Ammunition

    New Huntego Cleanshot 20 Gauge Bore Cleaner Ammunition (1)

    The magical bore cleaning Huntego Cleanshot shotgun ammunition is now available in 20 gauge. Externally they look like your normal yellow shells, however, these are loaded with patented Cleanshot components just like their 12 gauge counterparts.

    New Huntego Cleanshot 20 Gauge Bore Cleaner Ammunition (3)

    In a nutshell, what these shells are designed to do is to clean the bore of your shotgun in a matter of another fired round. Instead of the messy and relatively time-consuming process of applying the bore cleaner and running the brushes and patches through the bore, all you need to do when using the Huntego Cleanshot ammunition is to simply shoot it in your shotgun at the end of the shooting session. The special cleaning mechanism that replaces the shotshell wad will scrub all the lead, carbon and polymer residues and wipe the bore clean … at least it is how they are advertised to work. You can see how the Huntego Cleanshot shells work in the video embedded below (demonstrated with 12 gauge shells).

    Below you can also find the cutaway of the Cleanshot shell showing the construction of this bore cleaning ammunition and describing the purposes of its components.

    New Huntego Cleanshot 20 Gauge Bore Cleaner Ammunition (1)

    Obviously, this method won’t clean the chamber because when you shoot the Cleanshot shell, the chamber is still covered by its hull. That should not be a huge concern for most of the people, however, if you want to have a perfectly clean bore, you’ll probably need to clean the chamber separately. If you have used the Cleanshot shells, please share your experience in the comments section.

    It would be also interesting to know if this technology can be applied to rifle and handgun cartridges, too. I think it should be possible at least with the straight walled cartridges.

    Huntego Cleanshot 20 gauge bore cleaning ammunition is loaded into 2-3/4″ shells. They are compatible both with smoothbore and rifled 20 gauge barrels. These cartridges are listed on the manufacturer’s website at MSRP of $8.99, $17.99, $26.99 and $35.99 per pack of 4, 8, 12 and 16 shells respectively.

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