Shoot your Shotgun Bore Clean!… No, For Real, Huntego Shells Do Just That


    There is a new cleaning company on the scene flipping conventional wisdom on its head. The idea of “shooting” your gun clean might sound idealistic and fictitious, but it is something that now exists as a result of Huntego. They make a shotgun shell that can clean your gun if you shoot it. A more complete and better explanation of the product is stated on the Huntego website:

    CleanShot is a patented high-velocity bore cleaning device utilizing approximately 9,500 PSI of outward pressure to power scrub, trap particles and wipe your bore clean. Designed to be used in the field or at a range, CleanShot allows shooters to maintain their firearms with minimal cleaning equipment, effort and mess.

    Watch for yourself in this video below.

    Seems like a magic trick to me, and likely most of us, who are accustomed to pulling a Boresnake or pushing patches with a ramrod. If you are wondering how effect these shells are at cleaning your shotgun bore, this is the answer:

    Based on indoor range and outdoor evaluations, test procedures show products removing upwards of 95% of the contaminants.

    If the next time I shoot clay pigeons or go upland bird hunting, I can skip the patch pushing routine for an extra couple shots downrange, sign me up!

    Curt Whitworth is the inventor of these wonder shells and is based out of Michigan. Currently, the Huntego website lists only 3 dealers of these shells in the US; all based out of Michigan.

    The shells can be bought online in 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-Packs at a price breakdown of $2.50 per shell. Here is a final video showing a “Patch Test” of a Huntego Cleanshot bore versus one that was not cleaned with their product.

    So there you have it! Shooting your shotgun clean is now a “thing.” Now, if we could just get Huntego to make some handgun and rifle cartridges…

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