POTD: Savage Arms’ M1907 Pistol that Almost DEFEATED the 1911


    It might be quite a surprise to many of you that Savage Arms used to make pistols. This dates back to 1910, but it is true. What also may surprise you is their short stint in producing pistols almost dethroned John Moses Browning’s now legendary Model 1911! The first pistol Savage Arms ever made was the Model 1907 (M1907)  which was chambered in .32 ACP or .380 ACP for consumers. That is the pistol we are going to take a look at here today!

    The pistol that one of my good friends found in an antique store (pretty appropriate place to find a gem like this) was specifically a Savage Arms Model 1907 .32 ACP variant. These pistols are not overly expensive or tremendously valuable (approximately $400 – $800 depending on condition). Roughly 286,500 pistols were made in .32 ACP and .380 ACP for early shooters. What is incredibly valuable and sought after is their very little-known, big brother: the M1907 U.S. Army Test Trial .45 ACP pistol.


    The photos in this article are NOT the Army Trial pistol, but the M1907 .32 ACP pistol that is depicted lead to its creation and competition in the Army trials. If someone were to own one of the 288 pistols made in .45 ACP it could be valued anywhere from $20,000 – $35,000.

    While by all accounts the M1911 created by John Moses Browning crushed the M1907 in the Army trials, it still is incredibly cool to know that the revered rifle company, Savage Arms, had at one time been in the business of making pistols. Ones that were actually of good enough quality and construction to compete for a military contract.

    Another fun fact about the Savage Arms M1907 pistol… it is thought to be the 1st pistol to ever utilize a double-stack or staggered magazine design. The M1907 in .32 ACP, for example, could hold 10 rounds as seen in the photo above.

    So in our TFB reader audience, do any of you own a Savage Arms M1907 .32 ACP pistol? Do you own one in .45 ACP? Because I accept donations and I can give you my FFL’s address (wink, wink). Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.