Ruger Celebrates the LCP with a Limited Edition “Tenth Anniversary” Pistol

    tenth anniversary

    It was not too long ago when we did not have overflowing options for concealed carry pistols. Your choices were snubby revolvers or full-frame pistols and that was nearly it. When the Ruger LCP came out 10 years ago as one of the 1st small carry pistols it initiated an avalanche of pistols to come. Now we have endless choices for concealed carry. Even so, the Ruger LCP continues to be a fan favorite. To celebrate the enduring popularity and sales of the Ruger LCP they have produced a Limited Edition “Tenth Anniversary” Pistol for everyone.

    This pistol boasts unique laser engraving on multiple sides of the slide. You also have a trigger similar to the LCP Custom model they sell. Overall, aside from it receiving the name of Limited Edition, it has a lot of great features that could tempt you into buying it. All of those specifications can be read below as presented by Ruger:

    • Hardened, Stainless Slide with Forward Cocking Serrations
    • Blued, Alloy Steel Barrel
    • Aluminum Skeletonized Trigger
    • Special “Tenth Anniversary” Laser Engraving to Commemorate the Anniversary of the LCP®
    • One-Piece, High-Performance, Glass-Filled Nylon, Checkered Grip Frame

    tenth anniversary

    • Compact 5.16″ Length & 3.60″ Tall
    • Designed to Fit a Variety of Holsters & Provide Concealed Carry Options
    • Included Finger Grip Extension Floorplate that can be Added to the Magazine for Additional Comfort & Grip
    • Fixed Front & Rear Sights integral to the Slide with Recessed Hammer in the Slide
    • One 6-Round Magazine

    tenth anniversary

    When Ruger states that this is a Limited Edition pistol it is unknown as to how limited it is going to be. This model could be sold through the end of 2018. There could be a fixed amount being produced like 10,000. They might run this model to the public for an entire year. It is frankly just not known at this time.

    A simple yet concise public statement that Ruger provides regarding this Limited Edition “Tenth Anniversary” LCP can be read below:

    10 years after its introduction, the LCP® is still the perfect choice for personal protection. This Limited Edition anniversary pistol features a stainless steel slide with custom forward serrations, an aluminum skeletonized trigger and special “Tenth Anniversary” laser engraving.

    The price-point for this pistol is an extremely affordable $299. So with the more attractive finish, laser engraving and features what does everybody think? Are you a buyer on this new iteration of the LCP? Or would you take a hard pass? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    tenth anniversary

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