NEW Sharp-Dressed Rifle: 77-Series Ruger 77/17 in Green Mountain Wood Stock

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

It was barely one month ago we were discussing Ruger’s newest iteration of a 77-Series rifle chambered in .17 WSM with an American Walnut stock. Well, they now have another NEW 77/17, but this time in a Green Mountain wood laminate stock. This Green Mountain stocked rifle is slightly higher in price with a touch shorter barrel.

While the aforementioned American Walnut stocked 77/17 and the newer Green Mountain stock model share a lot of qualities, there are slight differences between the two. It will be up to the consumer as to which may be better for them if he/she is in the market for a .17 Winchester Super Magnum rifle. The complete specification listing for this firearm can be read below:

  • Integral Scope Mounts machined directly on the Solid-Steel Receiver provide a Stable Mounting Surface for Scope Rings eliminating a potential source of Looseness & Inaccuracy in the field (Scope Rings Included)
  • 3-Position Safety is easily Accessible & allows the Shooter to Lock the Bolt to Load & Unload the Rifle w/ the Safety Engaged
  • Solid, Heat-Treated Alloy & Stainless Steel Actions feature a Rugged, Stainless Steel Bolt w/ 90° Bolt Lift & Ultra-Fast Lock Time for added Accuracy
  • 6-Round Detachable Rotary Magazine
  • 18.5″ Stainless Steel, Cold Hammer-Forged Barrel
  • Green Mountain Wood Laminate Stock w/ Sling Swivel Studs
  • Twist Rate: 1 in 9″ Right-Hand, 6-Groove Rifling
  • Overall Weight: 7 Lbs.
  • Overall Length: 37.75″
  • Length-of-Pull: 13.50″
  • MSRP: $1,069

The price-point of $1,069 definitely will make people assess this rifle closely before pulling the trigger on it because any rimfire rifle with a comma in the price is a significant investment. The touches of Ruger rings, a heavy barrel, good crown and strong action are all elements in its favor. Ruger does offer a simple, but concise public statement regarding this newest 77/17 in a Green Mountain wood laminate stock.

Following on the heels of the successful reintroduction of the 77-Series bolt-action rifles, Ruger is now offering the Ruger 77/17 chambered in .17 WSM with a 18.50″ stainless steel barrel and Green Mountain laminate stock. Flat-shooting and superbly accurate, this rifle also features an improved trigger pull over previous 77/17 WSM models.

So who is still riding the .17 Winchester Super Magnum bandwagon? Does this rifle intrigue you? Let us know in the comments below! We always love to hear feedback!

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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