POTD: B&T TP9-N with Aimpoint Nano and Suppressor

    B&T USA posted this tempting configuration of a B&T TP9-N with an Aimpoint Nano, Telescopic Brace Adapter and a Generation 1 Tail-hook. Any bullets fired through this configuration also have to pass a B&T TP9 Suppressor.

    Below: If you go with heavy subsonic bullets this is going to be a quiet firearm. Note that the telescopic brace is collapsed here.


    At Atlantic Firearms, the first reference I find in the USA, the price for the TP9-N is $1,836.00. The specs are quoted below, and it lacks the front grip.

    Please note that does NOT include any of the other goodies mounted in the pictures, it’s just the starting point when you negotiate with your wallet.


    B&T TP9-N Pistol Features

    • Cold-hammer forged barrel
    • Compact lightweight and durable polymer construction
    • Full-length optic rail, side accessory rails
    • Low-profile back up sights, rear adjustable barrel shroud with Tri-lug adapter for use with SD-988400-US suppressor
    • Translucent polymer mags compatible with APC9
    • Ambidextrous magazine release and safety
    • Short recoil, rotating barrel, closed bolt operation
    • OEM Forearm Vertical Grip Socket

    Responding to consumer requests, B&T has redesigned the polymer frame and internals with a complicated milling process that includes a small nub that can be used to mount a VFG after the NFA application process is complete.  The result is a TP9 nearly identical to foreign versions.

    The B&T TP9-N  Pistol was designed to meet the difficult requirements of close protection teams for a lightweight, compact 9 mm PDW.

    Compared by weight, size, and ammunition capacity, the TP9 is a class of its own. The B&T TP9 9mm semi-auto pistol is the civilian version of the B&T MP9 SMG

    Civilian legal semi-automatic pistol variant of the MP-9 sub-machinegun chambered in 9X19mm.  Includes 1 translucent polymer 30 round magazine, cleaning kit, and hard case.

    If you’re tempted there is a list of US dealers in this link.