Limited Edition: Glock Knife 78 40th Anniversary

Eric B
by Eric B
I am sure you are aware of the Glock knife already, a military field knife that can be used as a bayonet as well (on the Austrian Steyr AUG for instance). Together with the GLOCK Entrenching tool they are a icons almost like the Glock pistols themselves.
This knife has been around for a while, since 1978 in fact. Therefore Glock has released a limited edition of 780 pieces called the “Glock Knife 78 Olive Plain Jubileum 40th Anniversary.”
Glock Knife 78 Olive Plain Jubilee 40th Anniversary
The 40th Anniversary serialised Glock Knife is presented in a silver finish Glock Case.
A serialized certificate regarding just this knife is included, with Gaston Glock signature.
Normally a box like this hides a firearm. Except this time it doesn’t.
Inside you will find one of 780 Glock FM78 knives, together with a certificate.
I find no other conclusion that the limited number of 780 comes from 1978.

This is Limited Edition 679 of 780 of the Glock Knife 78 Olive Plain Jubileum 40:th Anniversary.

All pictures by the gunsmith and sportshooter couple JM Works, used with permission. I was only able to find the knife in this Swedish webstore. The price is 895 SEK, which rounds up to about 100 USD.

I have not seen this knife anywhere else, the computer says no when I search. The Swedish dealer (F&K Sport) say they have (had) 30 pieces which would represent about 4% of the global total.

That is quite a premium over the 42 USD I normally see for the FM78 knife, but for a collector this is probably not an issue.

You can find the normal Glock field knives here.

GLOCK Field knife FM 78

This classic army knife can be used for any purpose: as a weapon or an outdoor knife, for opening ammunition boxes or bottles. The polymer sheath of this knife is also made by GLOCK.

WEIGHT: 206 g / 7.27 oz
GRIP: Polymer, available in black
BLADE: Spring steel HRC ~55, electrophoretic coating

Eric B
Eric B

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