POTD: Paraguayan Pythons on Parade

    Paraguayan Caballeria special forces snake

    Paraguayan Caballeria special forces with their snake mascot at a military parade on 16th August, 2018

    Well, not quite Pythons, the snake seen in the photo above is actually a Paraguayan Yellow Anaconda (Eunectes notaeus to the snake experts). It was photographed around the neck of a Paraguayan Caballeria during a recent Presidential military parade.

    The Caballeria are a Paraguayan Army special forces unit but they’re not the only ones to be seen with snakes. Others include the Nadador de Combate and the Paraguayan navy, snakes appear to be a popular mascot for Paraguayan special forces units.

    Paraguayan snake lad

    Another photo of the Caballeria member and his snake (prothomalo)

    Snakes are not the only animal some Paraguayan units have been seen on parade with. Others have more furry animal mascots like this member of the Infanteria photographed during a parade commemorating Paraguayan independence in May 2017.

    Paraguay aren’t the only South American military to parade with snakes, a recent photo taken at Venezuela’s Independence Day parade also show Venezuelan special forces marching with snakes.