Sweden: Home-made gun case

    In Sweden a 48 year old activist is suspected to have built a special case to house a handgun, among other illegal activities.

    There are some similarities with the HK MP5k suitcase (reviewed here by TFB’s ), but the home built version pictured looks a lot less sophisticated than the one made by Hofbauer in Germany.

    If you look at the top picture, located at the handle at the top you can see a brass(?) trigger that connects to a black (camera?) cable. This installation then triggers the handgun.

    By the looks of it, the handgun can move a little bit inside the case, so I’m pretty sure the risk of hitting the inside wall of the case is imminent. Also, it doesn’t look like the slide can move, but it’s difficult to judge without seeing the design in reality.

    Below: In one of the videos the man can be seen shooting. It is said in the investigation that there is a sound suppressor attached. (Photo: Swedish Police preliminary investigation)

    The preliminary investigation only mentions that the Police have tested to fire the handgun in the case, but doesn’t mention if it worked or not.

    The man also had several other weapons in his home, both home-made and firearms he had permission to own. I cannot identify exactly what kind of handgun he has used for his home-made case, but it is most likely a Smith & Wesson as he had a permit to own one. However he also had dummy pistols and Airsofts in his home.


    Below: Part of a home made shotgun, shell in a pipe (Slam Bang Shotgun). (Photo: Swedish Police preliminary investigation)

    Source: Omni and The Swedish Police for pictures. You can also find some more photos of the case, the home-made shotgun and a video from SVT Swedish Television here (in Swedish).

    Note: Do not build these type of things unless you have permission to do so.

    Eric B

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