Review: FAB Defense KPOS Scout – Glock PDW Kit

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

It seems the Israelis are the leaders in PDW conversion kits for Glock pistols. These kits allow you to take a Glock pistol, quickly insert them and convert them into a CQB SBR. FAB Defense has their own take with the Glock PDW conversion with their KPOS Scout.

I took this photo at the FAB Defense booth at IWA 2018

I originally saw the KPOS Scout back in March when I went to IWA 2018. I was intrigued since I have the Micro Roni chassis by CAA and wanted to see how similar and different they were. FAB Defense was kind enough to send out their KPOS Scout for review.

The KPOS Scout came in a briefcase-sized padded case with velcro pouches attached to the lid. It also came with a single point sling. The lid has support straps but they do not see to do anything. They appear to be positioned to prevent the lid from opening all the way and yet they do not work. The quality of the velcro pouches leaves much to be desired. They feel like cheap airsoft gear made in China. However, the case is not a big deal and does not reflect on the KPOS Scout at all.

KPOS Scout Vs. CAA Micro Roni

When the KPOS Scout arrived I immediately grabbed the Micro Roni to compare them. There are some similarities to the folding stock and the size.

The KPOS Scout came with a folding vertical grip and folding BUIS.

The Micro Roni (NFA version) has an integrated spare magazine holder that acts like a vertical grip with an integrated flashlight. The KPOS Scout does not have this but in lieu of those features it has a bottom Picatinny rail and as I mentioned earlier it came with a folding grip. The folding grip actually doubles as a trigger guard while the Micro Roni has a hinged trigger guard built into its chassis.

The folding grip has a telescoping retractable section that when extended it covers the trigger guard of the Glock. To deploy you just fold the grip down and push the two buttons on either side. The extension is spring loaded and retracts into the grip.

Just like the MIcro Roni the KPOS Scout is compatible with both the Glock 17 and Glock 19 as well as similarly sized Glocks of different calibers. One issue I had with the Micro Roni is that you need to attach the charging handle to the slide of the Glock you intend to install inside. Without this charging handle, it is almost impossible to rack the slide. The KPOS Scout integrated this feature and it functions similar to an AR-15 charging handle in terms of position and operation.

The Micro Roni charging handle slides over and grabs onto the slide serrations of the Glock. In stark contrast the KPOS Scout charging handle pulls against the front of the slide.

See the gap between the front of the slide and that curved black piece? That allows you to fit a Glock 17 inside.

The block with the semi-circular cut is what pushes against the Glock slide to pull it back.

Metal Vs Polymer

The CAA Micro Roni is an all polymer chassis whereas the KPOS Scout is a mix of polymer and aluminum. The upper half of the KPOS Scout is all metal including the Picatinny rail. They also made the charging handle rod out of metal as well as the front muzzle shroud.

Along the side, they have accessory rails with a built-in thumb rest.

The KPOS Scout is a simpler design than the Micro Roni which actually makes it more reliable. As I mentioned earlier, the Micro Roni requires a separate piece to act as the charging handle. If you lose this, the Micro Roni becomes useless. Another complication is that the Micro Roni has an extended slide release but I could never get it to work properly. I usually just rack the charging handle to close the slide. The KPOS Scout is simpler by not covering up the slide release. There is room to accommodate the ambidextrous slide release of the G19X but it is a bit difficult to press down.

Is It Practical?

Adding a stock and an optic makes shooting a gun much easier and more stable. I noticed a significant improvement in group size when I used the KPOS Scout.

The problem with the KPOS Scout is that it requires a tax stamped Glock to be used. I got around this by removing the stock and vertical grip. Or I used my 16″ Glock barrel to turn the KPOS Scout into a rifle.

In the video above I met up with my friend who SBR’d his Glock. He uses an ENDO AR stock adapter. One benefit to the CAA Micro Roni is that they have a stabilized version so you can use it without a tax stamp. I was informed by FAB Defense that they are working on a stabilizer for the KPOS Scout. It is pending ATF approval.

The KPOS Scout costs a little less than the Micro Roni at just $329. It will include the bungee sling, folding grip and SLS (their QD ring attachment) but will exclude the sights and carry bag. I like that the entire system is self-contained although I prefer the added features of the Micro Roni like the integrated vertical grip mag holder and the integrated flashlight. One nice feature that the KPOS Scout has over the Micro Roni is that they offer different molded colors while CAA only offers cerakoted versions. For more information go to their website.

Edit: Updated information on pricing and bundled accessories.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Ark Ark on Aug 09, 2018

    This entire category of product exists as a workaround for an extremely stupid law.

  • Noob Noob on Aug 13, 2018

    if you used it as a pistol optics host (no stock and no vfg) is it unsafe to keep the KPOS on a sling where the trigger is exposed?