[IWA 2018] Zahal x Fab Defense MOJO Grip

    I saw a photo floating around social media just after SHOT Show last January of a magwell accessory that has interchangeable face plates. Somewhat akin to the Sharps Bros lower receiver concept of 3D sculpted mag well this mag well grip has skulls, helmets and other pieces of flair to help personalize your AR-15. Well I saw them at IWA and found out it was a collaboration between Zahal and Fab Defense. It is the MOJO Grip.

    Get A Grip

    The MOJO grip is a polymer shell that is split down the middle. It sandwiches around any mil-spec AR-15 lower receiver. Since it is injection molded polymer, you can simply modify it with a dremel and hand tools if it doesn’t quite fit your out of spec lower receiver.

    There is a small window to show the gun’s serial number, if you serial number happens to be in that spot.

    Not all lowers have their serial numbers in the same location so they added a filler piece to cover up the gap.

    The MOJO Grip acts as a minimalist mag well flare. I would have preferred a wider flare for competition purposes and faster reloads.

    The grip adds additional material so some magazines may have issues like coupled mags and drum magazines.

    Face Forward, Literally

    The real feature is the interchangeable face plates. There are six different designs to choose from and they simply snap on and off the MOJO Grip.

    • Cavalier – Crusader Helmet
    • Vigilante – Punisher Skull
    • Havoc – Skull
    • Patriot – Bald Eagle Crest
    • Phalanx – Spartan Helmet

    The face plates are also molded polymer can come in black, FDE, or OD Green. As I mentioned above, there are six face plates. The sixth plate is the default textured grip cover.

    close up of MOJO Grip textured cover

    This is the basic MOJO Grip cover


    Since the masks are a polymer, it is really easy to personalize them further by painting or dry brushing color to them.

    You can see the filler plate was not installed so the serial number gap is somewhat visible in the corner of the Punisher eye socket.


    Serial Number gap filler plate installed under the Punisher mask.

    I am surprised they do not have a Star Wars themed mask in the style of Boba Fett’s Mandalorian helmet.

    The MOJO grips are available on Zahal.org for $30 with just the basic rugged grip. Add another $20 to add any of the five additional masks or add $76 for all the masks with your MOJO Grip.

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