FAB Defense – AR-15 “MOJO Grip”

    News from FAB Defense are usually a love or hate affair for me. They do some really clever and good products that I use on some of my firearms, they also have a lot of things that I wouldn’t use.

    I’ll leave it up to you to decide what you think of “The Mojo”. I’m not sure I’d call it a grip, it’s more of a gimmick for your rifle.

    This product is for the people who couldn’t get or afford the real thing, i.e. the Sharp Bros lowers.

    “The Mojo” comes with a base, a standard rugged grip and a mask and retails for around $50. Quite a lot under the Sharp Bros’ lowers, but also quite a different product.

    There are currently 5 optional interchangeable Masks available.

    Here’s how FAB Defense worded it:

    The MOJO Magwell Grip Functions as a flared and extended magazine well that improves reload speed and comes with interchangeable grip masks allowing you to customize the look and feel of your AR rifle.
    The Rugged mask is the default included with an additional custom mask of your choice (there are currently 4 available) that can be easily switched to your preference. Both masks can act as an ergonomic fore grip. The MOJO Magwell Grip installs in under one minute with no gunsmithing, No FFL required, Fits most AR15’s lowers.


    Pictures from Zahal Israel


    For more information check Zahal in Israel. Just make sure that the measurements of your AR15 and the Mojo fits your rifle if you order. It won’t work with Magpul PMAG Gen3 or Drum magazines.

    There’s also a video from FAB Defense.

    Eric B

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