Italian FUTUR-K6AM Adjustable O&U Shotgun Stock

    Italian FUTUR-K6AM Adjustable O&U Shotgun Stock

    An Italian company called Futurmec makes an adjustable stock for over & under shotguns. The stock is called FUTUR-K6AM. Generally speaking, this stock has features similar to the Ergosighn and TSK stocks that we have talked about earlier. However, it also has some unique features setting it apart from the competition. Let’s first watch the demo video then see what exactly offers the FUTUR-K6AM stock.

    The FUTUR-K6AM stock features a patented recoil reduction mechanism built into the aluminum body of the stock. This system consists of three color-coded rubber inserts each of which has different hardness measured in Shores (polymer materials hardness measuring system unit). The white, purple and orange pads have Shore hardnesses of 70, 80 and 90 respectively. These pads allow tuning the recoil absorption level to the one preferred by any particular shooter.

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    The grips and cheek pieces of the FUTUR-K6AM stock are made of walnut. There are several sizes of the grips that should be specified when ordering these stocks. All the metal parts with the exception of screws are made of anodized aluminum. The screws are made of steel and the buttpud is made of rubber. The main aluminum body of the stock is available in three color options: red, black and silver. The overall weight of this stock is 0.9 kilograms (about 2 lbs).

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    The FUTUR-K6AM stock has a number of different adjustment possibilities which allow to fine tune it to match the body of the shooter. Below you can find the description of adjustment options quoted from the manufacturer’s website.

    Vertical butt plate adjustment

    The butt plate can slide 23 mm to find the perfect vertical position on your shoulder.

    Pitch angle adjustment

    There is a wide range of pitch adjustment, available using the clamp screw for both a secure mechanical fastening and for a minimum adjustment according to the screw pitch.

    Comb adjustment

    Vertically, it can be moved by 15 mm and angled forward or back. The reference marks on the body always show the position. Horizontally, the comb position is adjusted by moving pins in line with the relevant marks.

    Cheek piece length

    The length of the cheek piece is adjusted using a ring nut that shortens or lengthens the cheek piece by 1 mm with every turn, with the possibility to make fine adjustments of 0.25 mm since the ring nut has 4 positioning slots. Everything is firmly locked to 2 slides.

    Adjustable butt plate deviation and rotation</strong

    This is an adjustment independently of the height adjustment of the butt plate

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    In order to find out the price for the FUTUR-K6AM stock, you’ll need to send them a request specifying the grips size and color choice.

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