Rock Chuck Bullet Swage – RCBS Celebrates their 75th Anniversary

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Most grand endeavors come from humble beginnings and RCBS would be no different. They did not get their start in a garage like many tech companies from Silicon Valley and California, but it is pretty close. RCBS got their start in a small 72 square foot room (12’ x 6’) in the back of a laundromat. Hailing from Oroville, California on the heels of the attack on Pearl Harbor there was not much in the way of bullet-making materials at this time. The founder of RCBS, Fred T. Huntington, looked to change that.

The first reloading dies he ever made, the Rock Chuck Bullet Swage, were… “specifically designed for making jacketed bullets to shoot the Rock Chucks in the Western United States, providing the acronym RCBS that the company would become known by in later years”… according to Vista Outdoor.

With RCBS creating some of their 1st products in 1943, by 1950 they were full-steam ahead with what would be some of their most iconic products. That year they introduced their famous A-2 Press which showed marked improvement over competing models and various other equipment from the time. Other familiar products that were soon to follow were the Reloader Special and RCBS Junior Press which demonstrated early on the secret sauce of “ Precisioneered” craftsmanship.

Then, fast forward to 2015, RCBS officially became a part of the Vista Outdoor portfolio of brands and products. This marked a period of a lot of new products for the industry as well such as their ChargeMaster Lite, Vibratory Case Polisher and Brass Boss.

RCBS Global Product Director, Jason Slinkard, made this statement in regards to RCBS celebrating their 75th anniversary:

At RCBS, we continue to work hard to bring exciting products to our consumers. Seventy-five years in business is a spectacular accomplishment. It’s an honor to work with a legacy brand known for dedication to innovation, accuracy and quality.

Having a business stick around for 75 years is no slouch achievement. In fact, it is pretty dang impressive when so many businesses come and go, file for bankruptcy or there is so much hesitancy in the marketplace. So to hear RCBS is celebrating their 75th anniversary is great news! Congrats to all 150+ of the hard-working men and women who are behind enemy lines in Oroville, California making all of us great reloading equipment!

My personal congratulations to RCBS on their anniversary (I own and utilize multiple products of theirs), and congratulations on behalf of TFB as well!

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • PK PK on Jul 03, 2018

    75 years! I didn't realize. I bet that everything they made back then is still working just fine, as well... every RCBS product I have has performed perfectly well, except in one case. In that one case, the issue was my own fault, and yet they still replaced it at no cost to me.

    Upstanding company.