Motor that Runs Quiet… Polishes 14 Lbs of Brass… RCBS Says Mission Accomplished

    Vibratory Case Polisher

    If you are a reloader, there are likely two problems you encounter in your brass preparation. More specifically, when you use a dry tumbler.

    1. The motor is annoyingly loud
    2. You never can polish all the brass you need at once

    RCBS may have remedied this inconvenience in their new Vibratory Case Polisher. This newest installment of a case cleaner can handle 14 Lbs of brass cartridges at once. Better yet, the motor runs quiet so it does not have to be 100 yards away in a different room.

    This behemoth of a case tumbler comes in a 120 VAC (MSRP – $124.95) or a 240 VAC ($139.95) version.

    Vibratory Case Polisher

    Kent Sakamoto, RCBS Product Manager, delves into the simple origins of this new offering:

    This is something our customers have asked for. A quiet motor powers the cleaner, and a sifting lid helps separate brass from media. Quality handloads start with quality brass, and the Vibratory Case Polisher makes a ready supply quick and easy.

    With a simple wingnut to remove the top and a sifting lid built in, utility and function are central to this Vibratory Case Polisher. RCBS touts that this models vigorous and thorough cleaning action can churn through that 14 Lbs of brass in mere minutes. Many tools on the market are becoming so complex that they warrant actually reading the owner’s manual (those things do still exist). RCBS shows there is still beauty in simplicity.

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