High Tower Armory MBS-95 Conversion Bullpup Stocks for Hi-Points are Imminent!

    High Tower Armory

    For those who are affectionate lovers of Hi-Point’s Carbine rifles, you may also be very well aware of High Tower Armory‘s conversion stock. Also, that they are not out on the market… yet! The MBS-95 Conversion Stock (Modular Bullpup Stock) for Hi-Point Carbines was an innovative stock announced in 2017, but unfortunately is not available quite yet.

    High Tower Armory has an update on the MBS-95 Conversion Stocks for consumers that they announced through their company’s Facebook page. This is the message they shared:

    Thank you again for all who have kept the faith and stayed patient as we have marched steadily towards our goal of the perfect Hi-Point Carbineā„¢ conversion. We have sent out the first emails and are filling the orders as they come in. We will be releasing more emails soon, so if you have not yet received an email, it will be coming in the days and weeks ahead.

    A few more exciting developments: By popular request will be offering our 9mm in an Arctic Gray (similar to the prototype). We will also be offering a 10mm specific stock which will be an option when you get your order email! We are insanely busy and have been for the past several months but we will be doing all we can to answer questions you guys may have. If there’s anything we can do, please don’t hesitate to ask!

    Thanks so much for all your patience through this process! We truly do appreciate everything you guys have done for us. We have the best customers anyone could hope for! Thanks again!

    This is great news for a couple reasons! For one, they are nearing completion and getting MBS-95 Conversion Stocks out to consumers. Secondly, they let everyone know they will have stocks available for the newly introduced 10mm carbines. Finally, they have more color choices to pick from than what was initially expected.

    Look for TFB to provide more coverage of these stocks very soon as they begin to hit the market and more information becomes available.


    High Tower Armory

    High Tower Armory MBS-95 Conversion Stock in OD Green


    High Tower Armory

    High Tower Armory MBS-95 Conversion Stock in Arctic Gray


    High Tower Armory

    High Tower Armory MBS-95 Conversion Stock in Desert Tan

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