POTD: High Tower Armory’s Hi Point Bullpup Progress

    High Tower Armory shared this photo of the CNC mold they had made for their bullpup stock. The bullpup stock is for Hi Point’s carbine. It will be molded polymer with some metal inserts and rails.

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your patience as we head into the home stretch. It could be a little while longer before we have these ready to sell but the good news is that the molds are almost done and we should have the first samples in hand sometime next week or the week after! We have started machining the CNC rails and bedding blocks and have tested them in the 3D prototype we have now. Once we have tested the first samples for fit, function, and longevity, we will make any adjustments, if needed. Once we are satisfied with the quality, we will have the mold textured (last step in case of any corrections). A firm timeline is still unrealistic, unfortunately but we are trying to move things along as quickly as we can. Thanks again for your patience and interest! We sure appreciate it!