New Rex Silentium “Potens” Rimfire Suppressor

    Just like in the case of Rex Silentium suppressors designed for centerfire firearms (Honoris, Viribus,¬†Fidelis), their new rimfire suppressor also has a Latin name – Potens. It means strong or powerful. Let’s see what features this new rimfire can has.

    New Rex Silentium Potens Rimfire Suppressor (4)

    Similar to its larger caliber siblings, there are spiral flutes on the Potens suppressor’s outer tube. The tube itself is made of 7075 aluminum and has a black anodized finish. The suppressor features a steel threaded mount and blast liner which reinforces the first expansion chamber. The first two baffles are also made of hardened steel. The Potens suppressor is threaded with 1/2-28 thread pitch. It is user serviceable and comes with a disassembly tool. You can watch the assembly and disassembly process in the video embedded below.

    Here is how the manufacturer describes their new product and the goals they set to achieve when designing it:

    Rex Silentium released its foray into the 22lr silencer market called the “Potens,” Latin for strong or powerful. This mighty little can brings 22lr and 22lr subsonics to blessedly low levels of sound. Taking what we have learned over the years, we put together a small, light and quiet can for a reasonable price!

    Potens suppressor has a 1″ diameter tube with an overall length of 4.75″. It weighs 3.9 oz and the MSRP is $189.5. So, looks like they have reached their goals: the suppressor is lightweight, compact and costs less than the tax stamp.

    New Rex Silentium Potens Rimfire Suppressor (3)

    Below you can find another video showing the performance of the Potens suppressor when it is mounted on a pistol and subsonic .22LR ammunition is shot.

    Interesting to note that Rex Silentium is arguably the first company in the industry (and to my knowledge the only one so far) that accepts cryptocurrency as a payment. We have covered that in a separate article written by Pete M.

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