Rex Silentium Gen2 Suppressors (Honoris, Viribus and Fidelis)

    Rex Silentium Gen2 Suppressors (Honoris, Viribus and Fidelis) (1)

    A couple of weeks ago we reported about the Rex Silentium suppressor manufacturing company that started to accept cryptocurrency as a payment. Recently the company has announced the release of the second generation of their suppressors. They have updated the whole line of their suppressors which consists of three products called Fidelis, Viribus and Honoris.

    Rex Silentium Gen2 Suppressors (Honoris, Viribus and Fidelis) (5)

    If you have just bought one of their Gen 1 suppressors, don’t worry – the suppression level of the new generation suppressors is identical to the Gen 1. The main changes are the new outer tube design with spiral flutes and the compatibility with the SilencerCo ASR  and Dead Air Armament muzzle devices. The video embedded below shows the direct thread and QD muzzle device mounts.

    The company also states that these suppressors are designed to reduce the back pressure and provide zero impact shift. The difference between the three models is their length. Honoris has an overall length of 5.41″, Viribus is 6.61″ long and the longest version is Fidelis with 7.81″ length. Depending on the length, the suppressors weigh 14, 20 or 24 ounces. All three models have 1.7″ external diameter.

    Rex Silentium Gen2 Suppressors (Honoris, Viribus and Fidelis) (2)

    The standard configurations of all Rex Silentium suppressors have 17-4 stainless steel baffles and are full auto rated. However, the company also makes heavy-duty versions of their suppressors with Stellite baffles designed for sustained full auto fire such as in case of use on belt-fed machine guns. Below is a video of testing the Fidelis suppressor on a full auto KRISS Vector SMG.

    The Rex Silentium Gen 2 suppressors are available for .224, .308, .357, .400, .458 and .500 calibers. You can choose one of the following standard direct thread options: 1/2×28, 5/8×24 or 3/4×24. Ordering a direct thread mount with a custom thread pitch will add $45 to the price.

    Rex Silentium Gen2 Suppressors (Honoris, Viribus and Fidelis) (3)

    The Honoris, Viribus and Fidelis suppressors are available on the company’s website at an MSRP of $499.5, $649.5 and $799.5 respectively. These suppressors come standard with matte stainless steel color. There are also custom Cerakote colors available (flat black, coyote tan, FDE and OD green) which will add $86 to the price. For more information, tech specs and performance data, visit the manufacturer’s website.

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