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Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

I found this on Facebook. ST Kinetics is Singapore’s main defense contractor. They are the ones who make the Ultimax and SAR21. Well it appears they are designing a futuristic soldier system for the Singapare Armed Forces called ARIELE. Prepare yourself for a gratuitous amount of acronyms. I am not even joking. These cringe worthy names tilt heavily into the realm of ridiculousness. It is like an elementary school kid came up with these acronyms.

Check out this video teasing the ARIELE system. Someone has been playing to many video games.

ST Kinetics’s Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment (ARIELE™) FUTURE Soldier System for Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

This highly advanced & modular system currently comprises of 4 main components & some other subcomponents that either have already been developed or are under development.

Sensors & systems

Shielded Advanced Eyewear System (SHADES) is a Head-Up-Display (HUD) system that provides real-time Augmented Reality (AR) information to soldier by combining ballistic eyewear with a miniature processing & communications system that projects mission data over soldier’s vision for improved situational awareness, wireless command & control over UGVs, UAVs & unmanned weapon stations, intuitive communication & coordination, navigation, and tagging, identification & tracking friendly & enemy forces.

SHADES features integration with advanced Brain Computer Interface (BCI) control algorithms for deployment of forward sensors for surveillance purposes. It allows soldier to receive real-time information of what lies ahead while maintaining eyes on surrounding area, thus greatly expanding area under surveillance & control. Shades also features gunshot detection capability.

Soldier Enhanced Sensing Equipment (SENSE), a vital signs monitoring & alert system. It enhances soldier effectiveness by eliminating exhaustion realted problems. It is designed to detect onset of exhaustion by monitoring heart & respiratory rate, stress levels (via galvanic skin response), as well as skin temperature. Gathered information is relayed to a wearable smart interface carried by a squad leader or force commander. SENSE can also store data for post-mission analysis, which provides an opportunity to improve training regimes.

Advanced Combat Man System (ACMS) is part of Future soldier program of Singapore’s armed forces (SAF) to integrate into 3g to progressively provide tactical units with networking capabilities.

Power & Energy Management System

Portable Watt-Hr for Extended Range (POWER) fuel cell system is an energy dense, portable & lightweight system. Fuel cell provide longer-lasting energy supply for extended mission endurance.

Power & Energy Management System (PoEMS), a comprehensive power & energy management system that uses a Smart Power Manager for power and data distribution. It’s designed to manage energy from multiple power sources including batteries, fuel cells, solar power & vehicle power, in order to control multiple devices. In combination with ARIELE’s POWER fuel cell, it provides a high performance & reliable power management.

PoEMS Enhanced Wireless Charger (EWC) incorporates wireless charging technology in a lightweight & low profile package.

Bionic Regenerative Active Energy System (BRACES) comprisese a brace worn around thighs that acts as an energy harvester solution for converting mechanical energy, derived from movement during a mission, into power source for wearable command & control (C2) technology. It can also store electric energy as well as support a soldier as a pseudo-exoskeleton.

Clothing & Protection Equipment

Adaptive Real-Time Core Temperature Intelligent Cooler (ARCTIC) is a modular active-cooling vest integrated system combined with passive-cooling uniform for efficient heat extraction from body (upto 15% reduction in body temperature of 40°C). Active cooling module comprises of an intelligent self-adjusting system for optimal wearer comfort & efficient energy usage, while passive cooling fabric-integrated module provides regenerative multi-modal cooling. ARCTIC operates in ambient temperatures ranging from -30°Celsius to 55°Celsius, keeping soldier ahead in survivability in extremely cold as well as hot conditions.

Semi-Passive Exoskeleton/Exosuite for load carriage improves soldier performance & ability to carry heavy loads. It enhances endurance by supporting up to 80% of soldier’s load.

Personal Reinforced Outer Tactical Equipment Carrier (PROTEC) is a lightweight, modular vest for optimised load distribution & carriage capacity. Its flexible configuration allows soldier to adapt to different threat levels, temperatures and operating environment for different mission profiles.

Personal Lightweight Armour Technology (PLATE) is a lightweight & ergonomic armour for protecting soldier against threats without compromising movement & endurance.

Garment Engineered by Advanced Research (GEAR), a lightweight combat clothing designed for soldier comfort in tropical & hot climates.

Pouches and Carriage Kit (PACK) includes standard ammunition & equipment pouches & packs.

BR18 weapon

BR18 is a modern gas operated, rotating bolt bullpup rifle designed by Advanced Material Engineering & manufactured by ST Kinetics of Singapore for use in urban areas, being lightweight & compact.

Its barrel is coated with a proprietary dry lubricant which repels sand, dust, and gunpowder soot for reduced maintenance. It is designed to be capable firing safely after submerging in water.

It is made of reinforced, blast-proof polymer & comes with built-in iron sights. Other accessories like ST’s 40mm UBGL can be equipped with MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails at three, six, nine and 12 o’clock positions.

BR-18 allows for both left or right handed uses, with empty casing ejections set forward & to the right away from person’s face. Charging handle is a standard side-mounted charging handle. Trigger guard can be flipped outwards so that shooter can handle weapon if using gloves.

BR18 can fire 5.56×45mm NATO, ST Kinetics Extended Range 5.56mm rounds. Its 7.62x51mm NATO version is currently being developed. It feeds from 10-, 20- or 30-round detachable STANAG magazine or SAR-21 magazines.

Rate of fire is 700–900RPM. Some sources suggest cyclic rate of fire between 650-850RPM.

According to STKinetics, BR18 has an effective ranges of 460 m & 800 m when fired with M193 & SS109 ammunition respectively, with a muzzle velocity of 860 m/s when employing SS109 rounds.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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    I work in tech. I tend to find that the more acronyms you toss into a product line, the more likely it is that what you are being presented is all show and no go.

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    Wow Blacks Op 4 looks amazing.