Ultimate Ultimax? The Improved 2000 Model

    In what some would say might be one of the best prototype versions put forth of the Ultimax yet, the 2000 model initially came into the United States for U.S. Military trials, specifically the Marine Corps. It is almost an “Americanized” version of the Singaporean invention (designed by James Sullivan) with larger grips to accommodate bigger hands of American shooters. Gone are the hole punched STANAG magazines and replaced with a standard STANAG magazine well, but also gone is the excellent 100 round drum that was specifically designed for the Mark II. A Picatinny optics rail was added to the receiver but because of the square-shaped design of the bolt, it had to be welded instead of riveted or bolted in place. Issues with the charging handle and buttstock were addressed, allowing for a much more reliable platform in both regards. However, a Paratrooper version was created with a shorter barrel and folding stock. Although this did make the platform much more compact, it took some away from the constant recoil system being fully taken advantage of.



    Ultimax 2000

    Utlimax Mark II

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