NEW: 6mm Creedmoor From Prime Ammunition

    6mm Creedmoor Prime Ammo

    Photo courtesy of Prime Ammo

    Prime Ammunition has been hinting at a new offering to their rifle ammunition lineup for over a year now.  Finally, this week they have confirmed it will be the 6MM Creedmoor.  While their 6.5 Creedmoor factory offering has been extremely popular with competitive shooters in the NRL and PRS competitions, most of the competitors that are not shooting factory ammo have migrated over to the 6mm projectiles from the 6.5, as they can be pushed faster and produce less recoil, so it is no surprise that Prime would want to cater to this newest trend of lighter faster bullets.


    6mm Creedmoor Prime Ammunition

    Image courtesy of Prime Ammunition

    Key Points:

    Prime ammunition is noted for producing high quality match grade ammunition at an affordable price.  The consistency shown from shot to shot and box to box is extremely good for factory ammo, regularly yielding less that 20 feet per second Standard Deviation (SD) from shot to shot.  Also worth noting is the brass quality.  This ammunition is manufactured by RUAG, a large European manufacturer, so shooters should expect this brass to be on par with the likes of Norma and Lapua.  With brass from these manufacturers regularly selling for a little over $1 per piece and the projectile at just over 40 cents per piece the  posted preorder price on Prime’s website of $26.60 seems like a solid value.

    Prime 6mm Creedmoor Specifications:

    • Bullet Weight 105 grains
    • Muzzle Velocity 3050 feet per second
    • Approximate G1 Ballistic Coefficient (B.C) .536
    • RUAG Brass
    • Low temperature sensitivity powders used

    Even if this new product line choice is not that big of a surprise I always appreciate a company that is this responsive to the trends in the sport they support.  Prime even has a survey site (which I participated in) where you can go and let your voice be heard on which cartridges you would like to see added to their line up.  Although it wasn’t my top choice (I wanted the 6mm Grendel) I am glad to see this new round, and I am eager to see how it performs.

    Preorders can be place at : and once it is readily available shooters can get incentives with a Prime Club Membership.