[NRA 2018] G2Research Adds Long Colt and ACP to Telos Revolver Round Capability

Rachel Y
by Rachel Y
G2Research bring additional revolver rounds to NRA 2018

G2 Research originally released it’s Telos line of ammunition in 2017, after the popularity of the RIP fragmenting ammo offered by the company for semi-auto pistol use. The Telos line was originally designed for revolver use, but proved to be effective enough to release in semi-auto calibers as well. During NRA 2018, G2 Research announced several new calibers becoming available for revolvers in addition to 12ga shotgun shells. G2 Research plans on taking self-defense to a whole new level.

Telos Revolver Ammunition

Telos rounds are solid copper and not unlike the RIP counterparts, are designed to break apart upon contact with soft targets. According to the company’s ballistics data, the 9mm round in both the Telos and RIP version are very close in performance, but Telos comes in at almost half the cost. MSRP on Telos ammunition is around $20/box.

G2 Research Ballistics Data

Telos is currently available in .38SPC, .357, and 9mm. 45 Long Colt rounds are expected to hit the market by August, 2018 and G2 Research just ordered brass for the 45ACP to begin production soon. .380ACP will follow shortly after that.

9mm Telos rounds have very similar performance numbers with the RIP rounds and come in at about half the price.

RIP 12GA Shotgun Ammunition

The RIP 12ga round combines the benefits of buckshot with the solid punch of a slug. For use in cylinder bore only, the fragmenting petals break apart in wide intensive wound path where the petals create individual channels allowing the base to penetrate deeper into the soft target. The RIP shotgun ammunition is only available in 12 gauge at this time.

Learn more about G2 Research and the various lines of defensive ammunition here.

Rachel Y
Rachel Y

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