Lyman Sharps Carbine 140th Anniversary Model

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Lyman Sharps Carbine 140th Anniversary Model (6)

In celebration of the company’s 140th anniversary, Lyman has introduced a commemorative Sharps rifle replica. This rifle is made for Lyman by Pedersoli. It is the lighter version of Pedersoli’s rifle and comes chambered in .30-30 Winchester.

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These rifles will be made in quantity of 140 pieces with serial numbers from 1 to 140. The receivers of the rifles are engraved with the following text: “Lyman Gun Sight Company 1878 – 2018 140 years”.

The Lyman Sharps Carbine also features Lyman #2 tang sight which according to the company: “was one of the original sights that gave us our start 140 years ago“. The front sight has a pivoting hood allowing to have either a blade or globe front sight. The overall length of the rifle is 24” and it weighs 7 lbs.

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Here is the description of this rifle quoted from the Lyman Catalog:

As the buffalo era was ending, Sharps refined their renowned rifle to create the
rare 1877 Model. It was often referred to as the “English Model” not just due to
its refined styling but for it’s high quality English-made barrels. This would be
their last side-hammer model. More streamlined, the ‘77 was more of a hunting/
target rifle and less of a heavy buffalo gun. It was the most advanced single shot
of the day. A year later William Lyman introduced his now famous Tang Sight.

Reproduced for today’s single shot enthusiast, Sharps’ final iconic side-hammer
design and Lyman’s sights combine to create Lyman’s “Model of 1878”. Painstakingly
crafted to Lyman’s specifications by Pedersoli of Italy, this rare model
has only been reproduced as an expensive, custom-made gun, until now. Lyman
has changed that with a rifle that’s packed with features that assure tack-driving

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The commemorative Lyman Sharps Carbine is available for preorder on the company’s website at an MSRP of $1,999.95. The estimated shipping date is August 1, 2018.

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  • Dltaylor51 Dltaylor51 on May 08, 2018

    They should also make it in 38-55 ,375Win. ,32Win spl. ,25-35Win. and 32-40.The 38-55 and 32-40 can use black powder where all of the others have to use smokeless because of tighter twist rate of the barrels.The 32 in spl. may be also ok with BP but maybe not.

  • Bob Bob on May 11, 2018

    Why on earth did they use the 30-30. Sharps never made a rifle in that calibre and the calibre did not exist when Lyman was founded. The 30-30 cartridge was first marketed in early 1895 for the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle. The Sharps 1877 was made for Creedmoor shooters and in .45 calibre. They should have used a cartridge that was in existence in the year the gun was modeled after.