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[SHOT 2018] New from Lyman, Brass Catchers, Snap Caps, and Reloading Presses

Lyman has released a number of new products this year, but we’ll only be able to get to a few of them that really stand out. First off is the company’s new reloading line, branded in bright orange. In order of weight, they are the Brass Smith Ideal C-Frame [Read More…]

Guardian Grip Bag Jack 50th Front Cover sm
Lyman cleaner

Lyman TS-1200

Lyman Products is now selling a new ultrasonic case cleaner called the Turbo Sonic 1200 (or TS-1200 for short.) The unit is considered a mid-size cleaner with a 6.5″x5.4″x2.6″ tank. According to Lyman, the tank will hold about 350 9mm cases. Lyman [Read More…]

lyman rifle

Lyman 1878 Sharps Rifle

Lyman Products is selling a reproduction of the 1877 model Sharps rifle mated with the Lyman tang sight to create a gun they call the 1878 Sharps rifle. This specific tang sight was introduced in 1878, hence the gun’s name. The guns are made to Lyman [Read More…]