[NRA 2018] American Suppressor Association Media Day

Mike R
by Mike R

The American Suppressor Association held a media event one day prior to the NRAAM show. Six manufacturers were on hand to display their wares for media attendees to shoot suppressed pistols and rifles. Company engineers and development teams were on hand to answer questions.

On the firing line was everything from .22LR pistols and rifles to 5.56mm and .308 suppressed hosts. The actions ranged from single-shot, breech load to fully automatic variants. All of them were outfitted with suppressors and the vendors brought plenty of ammo for “testing”.

TFB with ASA @ NRAAM 2018: Suppressed Sig Rattler

I started my afternoon with the guns and silencers from Sig Sauer. They were a great group of knowledgeable, and friendly, people. They encouraged me to get behind their fully automatic MPX and burn through some ammo (I assure you I only did it to appease them).

TFB with ASA @ NRAAM 2018: Surefire SOCOM2

Next in line was Surefire. The company representative running their display wanted to make sure I fired every one of the suppressors they had brought (I may have let slip that this was my first time running suppressed weapons). They just kept handing me magazines; I kept firing. I never felt any blowback and just chewed through the ammo.

TFB with ASA @ NRAAM 2018: Gemtech. This 10/22 featured the Mist integrally suppressed barrel. The rep removed the shroud so I could see the baffles. For such a simple design, it was amazingly quiet.

Gemtech came next. The 10/22 Mist barrel they offer was a pleasure to fire. The action was the loudest part of the firing sequence. In fact, it was so quiet that while firing it I was actually able to follow a conversation going on behind me. Very impressive!

The next table was hosted by Hudson Manufacturing. Although they do not make suppressors, they are releasing a threaded barrel and were a sponsor for the event. My big hands did not do well managing their lighter model, but the heavier 9mm was fun to shoot.

TFB with ASA @ NRAAM 2018: OSS Suppressors. Note the spiraling ridges on the internal component and the vents on the front of the sleeve.

OSS Suppressors was up next and they took a significant amount of time showing the difference between their models, and how their design eliminates the blowback I was starting to recognize on other suppressors. The design of the internals funnels the escaping gases in a spiral moving forward and out the front.

TFB with ASA @ NRAAM 2018: Gemtech

Walking over to Yankee Hill Machine I fired a few magazines through their AR platform and then played with a .308 bolt action. It really is so much more “comfortable” firing suppressed. While the rep from Yankee Hill was reloading magazines, we were discussing how much more fun shooting suppressed is.

TFB with ASA @ NRAAM 2018: Shooters of all demographics were present and appeared to enjoy the event equally. Which is really what the shooting community should be all about.

Last was Daniel Defense. I have always enjoyed shooting their products and today was no different. The full auto variant was very fun to shoot. With all the rounds that were sent down range, I’m just glad that I’m not the one who has to clean these guns.

It is not that often you can go to a small facility filled with business competitors and have a feeling of camaraderie. It was really nice to observe how everyone was more focused on shooting suppressed rather than the differences between their products. The American Suppressor Association put on a great event, bringing together a good number of people in the shooting community.

The biggest downside to attending this event is now I have to start buying silencers and complete all the ATF paperwork that I have put off for all these years.

I want to thank American Suppressor Association for inviting TFB To their media event. It was a fantastic time and they promote a worthwhile mission – the safe and responsible use of silencers by as many shooters as possible. You can learn more about the ASA here: https://americansuppressorassociation.com/

If you are interested in suppressors in general, be sure to check out our weekly series “Silencer Saturdays” at http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/category/guns-gear/nfa-suppressors-class-iii/silencer-saturday/

Mike R
Mike R

Mike spent his entire adult life riding an ambulance throughout the Southwest US. He found humor in long in-depth philosophical conversations with crack heads and other urban street survivalists. His highest point was being invited to instruct for some "special" medics in the military. He spent almost 10 years there. A 30 year gun enthusiast, he started down the path of reloading to keep up with his desperate need of more ammo. Reloading is like medicine, you never stop learning.He can generally be found at the local range picking the brains of the old timer, looking for brass, and banging away at gongs. He reloads everything from .32 to .45, .223 to 7 rem mag.

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  • Koolhed Koolhed on May 07, 2018

    Question: After playing with all this fine hardware, which one did you plunk down your own money for?

  • Tom Tom on May 08, 2018

    Be great to have a couple, but until they get the wait and hassle down, no thanks.