H&K USC Carbine Available In Limited Production

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Heckler & Koch made a civilian version of their UMP sub gun called the USC Carbine back in 2000. Designed following the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. It has a thumb hole fixed stock, 16″ non-threaded barrel, 10 round magazines, and a semiautomatic only trigger group. The USC was canceled in 2013, but the rumors are true: H&K will be bringing back the USC in limited numbers.

The USC has gained popularity among H&K fans. Even though H&K altered the USC for the civilian market, builders like Tom Bostic of Tommy Built have been converting the USC into UMPs for several years.

Back when I was at IWA in March, I saw a USC at the H&K booth. I actually thought to myself “Wow they still make this?” Well, now it makes a little more sense.

H&K USC Carbine Available In Limited Production

Interestingly, this new USC is black. If you recall the original USC from the 2000s was light gray.

According to Omaha Outdoors, the new USC is “space gun grey”. I am not sure if the USC Reissue will be black like the one I saw in Germany or if it will be “space gun grey”. Below is a info sheet posted on the Omaha Outdoors website.

Photo Credit: Omaha Outdoors - Holy Heckler and Koch - HK Brings Back the USC

According to the information sheet, the USC will MSRP at $1499. The USC is a blowback operated rifle chambered in .45acp. It will ship with two 10rd magazines. We do not have exact numbers but we heard the USC reissue will be extremely limited. I am curious what brought on this USC reissue? Why not make a UMP pistol with a folding brace? I wonder if it might be due to the increase in popularity of the UMP platform. Omega Guns has been making UMP upper receivers so you could make your own UMP. However those are clones and there is an attraction to having a real H&K firearm. So if you want one, I highly suggest you talk to your local gun store and see if they can get one in.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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