GHM9 Update Adds Hollow Points to the Menu

Richard L.
by Richard L.
Shown here are some Federal Hydra Shoks.

Many shooters are aware that the B&T GHM9 was initially not feeding hollow points – as designed, it met the EU need of using strictly FMJ. However, B&T listened to the American market and user requests to resolve the issue have been met with a new update. The ability to feed hollow-points was particularly important to me: I purchased a GHM9 for my wife to use as a home defense platform. To deliver the proper ballistics and kinetic energy on target hollow points were a necessity.

While it does not possess a far throw, the surefire XH35 does an amazing job illuminating close range.

Update Process

Last month I contacted B&T to find out the process necessary to get the feed issue resolved. They stayed in contact with me and kept me up to date on the each of the steps along the way. The first batch of GHM9s were accepted the first week in April and I got my upper sent in April 6th.

Shown here is a GHM9 with a Gearhead Works Tailhook, OEM B&T Folding stock assembly, and Tech Smith Mfg. adapter to mount the brace.

B&T charges a $50 gunsmithing fee paid via check or credit card using an emailed form. While the customer is responsible for shipping out the upper, B&T overnights the upper back to the customer via FedEx at their expense. Less than a week after shipping the upper I received the upper with the update on the 12th. In addition to the short lead time B&T kept me promptly updated via email throughout the week.


After shooting two magazines of old 9mm hollow-points, I experienced no malfunctions or failures to feed from any of the various hollow-points tested.

Shown here are some Federal Hydra Shoks.

Designated Purpose

Because B&T’s designs were made for European LE/Mil who use FMJ, failure to feed hollow points was not a fault in design. There was simply a different end user requirement in mind. However, B&T quickly resolved the issue. For a low price and quality build of the GHM9 I highly suggest those looking for a 9mm platform to check out the GHM9 as a top contender. Current production GHM9s will come standard with the update and will feed hollow points reliably. Previous batches are being accepted for the update using the aforementioned process. In my opinion, there is no comparison of the quality of a B&T firearm and their competitors in similar market segments. They continue to raise the bar in the pistol caliber carbine market.

Upgrades to the feed ramps were the change that now allows GHM9 to reliably feed hollow-points.
The GHM9 folds to a very compact size and provides a high quality option in the pistol caliber carbine market.

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Richard L.
Richard L.

Richard lives in southern Indiana and has a strong interest in training, modified pistols, optics, and low profile gear/tactics. Some may consider it hoarding or some form of addiction, but he never tires in his pursuits as a stamp and lumen collector!For any corrections, input, or interest in posts, you can reach him at

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  • Peter Peter on Apr 22, 2018

    "Because B&T’s designs were made for European LE/Mil who use FMJ, failure to feed hollow points was not a fault in design." If there are European LE organisations that still use FMJ outside of training, I would be very interested to learn about them.

  • Longrange338 Longrange338 on Apr 23, 2018

    EU directives consider hollow points for handguns somehow inherently more dangerous than FMJ:s that zip through several bystanders before stopped.

    Anyway HP-bullets and ammo is free for all registered handgun owners in Germany but more limited in other Eu countries. Shooting naybody in self defense will be bad and the basic assumption will be : Because you are alive here in the court room there was not enough danger for your life and you should not have double tapped that poor person who just wanted to cut your head off because he had a bad childhood.

    This is especially true for UK but also more less for all other EU countries with the exception of at least Estonia and the Czech Rebublic. In most EU countries even police officer shooting in self defense will be charged and tried in the court. The process takes typically several years.