Entry Level B&T GHM9 Redesign Finally Official

    By now you are probably wondering if I get a secret monthly check from Switzerland to promote B&T products. So let me take a moment to set the record straight: I can not confirm or deny any foreign payroll income related to sexy Swiss firearms. But if your reading this, B&T mothership, call me. My last envelope must have been lost in the mail. As for the latest news, the B&T GHM9 redesign is official on the company’s website, and it is attractive in both form and price point.

    As we have mentioned a few times in the past, the entry-level gun was recently reworked to become a side-charging action rather than a top charger like it’s limited release cousin the KH9. And with the changes and a predicted U.S. price point of $1,300, a whole new slice of the shooting/collecting market opens up.

    Obviously, import restrictions will require the B&T GHM9 to be imported as a pistol, however the adventurous type can file their ATF Form 1 applications to make a short barreled rifle (SBR). Stay tuned for a release date announcement. As soon as I get word from my EU and FL handlers, that is.

    B&T GHM9

    The GHM9 is a sporty 9 x 19 mm carbine with an integrated shoulder stock. The GHM9 is a perfect and inexpensive semi-automatic carbine for dynamic shooting as well as just for plinking.


    • Calibre – 9 x 19 mm
    • System – Close bolt blow back system
    • Operation – Semi automatic
    • Length min./max. – 435 mm / 660 mm
    • Width – 65 mm (incl. loading lever)
    • Height – 274 mm (incl. 30-round magazin)
    • Barrel Length – 175 mm
    • Twist Rate – 250 mm / 10″
    • Weight – 2.4 kg (inkl. 30-round magazin) –
    • Stock Pull – 400 mm
    • Primary Sighting System – Foldable open sights
    • Sight length – 311 mm
    • Suppressor connector – 3-Lug
    • NAR Rails – 1 + 3
    • Charging handle – Interchangeable
    • Magazines – 15, 20, 25 and 30 rounds, translucent Polymer magazines
    • Handling – Ambidextrous
    • Shoulder stock – Foldable
    • Also included – One 30 round magazine, sling, case, manual

    B&T GHM9


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