Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

I found this photo in a Facebook gun group with zero context. At first I thought it was some kind of object that was knitted into the shape of an AR15. But upon closer inspection it looks like it is made of the woman’s hair. I call it the HAIR-15.

I have seen head mounted guns before. See pic below. But this is completely different.

The level of detail is rather impressive. They made a barrel, handguard, front sight post, carry handle and even a red dot. The A2 style stock is even on point. I think there is even a magazine but it is obscured by the circle of red hair. Maybe it has a “hair trigger”? LOL ok that was a bad pun.

Edit: I thought the red hair might be a prohibition sign. Sure enough, Everdaynodaysoff on Instagram has an alternate image of this hairdo.

I have seen some photos of beard contests where men sculpt their beards into objects. But nothing like this.

I am wondering what these women used to shape the HAIR-15? Did they use foam to get the basic shape and cover the form with hair, like taxidermy? Although the barrel droop seems that might not be the case. I cannot imagine how much hair spray must have been used to keep this all together. Do you think that is all her own hair? Or did they use some fake hair? Regardless this is quite the head turner.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Alex Alex on Apr 18, 2018

    No, i think the 2nd ammendment wasnt made for muskets, but for rifles. They were slower to operate, but more superior technology by far at the time, and was one of the advantages Americans had over the redcoats. 2nd ammendment is for balance of power. A dictator with a disarmed people can do way more damage than one crazy person with an AR 15

  • JD JD on Apr 20, 2018

    That’s a nappy headed ho...