Cobalt Kinetics Model 27 – "Not your granddaddy's semi-auto rifle"

Eric B
by Eric B

Cobalt Kinetics has some interesting news for us. The new model Twenty-Seven offers a modern approach to a traditional semi-automatic rifle.

Target customers are most likely people living in areas where features like pistol grips are forbidden, hunters of small to medium game and competitive shooters that may live in restricted areas. You can configure your Model 27 and it’s”legalness” when ordering.

The lower receiver is unique, and the stock allows length of pull, drop, and cheek height to be configured.

The initial release of the Twenty-Seven offers four sub-models, each in 2 trim levels to suit all types of shooting sports and applications.

Washington UT, April 5, Introducing Cobalt Kinetics Model 27 – Traditional-Style Rifles Using AR15 Internal Components.

Twenty-Seven is a modern approach to the traditional semi-automatic rifle. The Twenty-Seven delivers the familiar feel of a classic hunting rifle, melded with the utility and versatility of the modern sporting rifle. The unique lower receiver and stock have been carefully designed to deliver ideal comfort and handling.

At first glance, one might just assume “California legal” which it is.

But Cobalt insists this was not the reason for its creation. Cobalt’s designers set out to make a more traditionally proportioned rifle; one that is more familiar to traditional shooters who enjoy the feel of the M-14 or the wood-stocked hunting rifles of last century. The stock geometry approximates that of the best classically designed hunting rifles made, while the stock remains fully configurable for length of pull and drop at the buttplate. The shape and angle of the grip is comfortable and places the hand in perfect location slightly above and behind the trigger.

This new rifle is clearly based on the AR-15 platform – it uses many modern AR-15 components. Owners of the Twenty-Seven will enjoy the modular nature and ease of maintenance of the AR platform.

The proportions of the Twenty-Seven make it more compact than the typical AR-15 – it’s only 5.5” tall- so it fits in any normal sized case or scabbard. AR-15 owners have become accustomed to buying a “double rifle case” to transport just a single rifle. In the case of the Twenty-Seven, two guns can once again fit in a double case. It also fits neatly in a scabbard found on an ATV or horse.


While being designed to meet multiple criteria of comfort, utility, and appeal, the Twenty-Seven can be configured to avoid any legal restrictions pertaining to the physical or mechanical arrangement of a rifle’s grip and stock and trigger. The lower edge of the receiver, above the trigger has been lowered .150” while the web of the grip has been raised significantly.

This satisfies most states’ definitions to avoid being classified as a “pistol grip”. As to the rest of the rifle, all four model trim levels are offered in compliant variations to meet most legal limits as it pertains to muzzle threads or muzzle devices.

Vice president at Cobalt, Skylar Stewart had this to add:
“We’ve been talking about this at Cobalt for a long time… to create a more traditional rifle that uses modern components to improve performance. We have had a lot of requests for a semi-automatic rifle more suited for hunters and other sportsmen. I don’t like to compare it to other AR-15s. It does use many of the internal components of the AR-15, but we believe that it’s a step up from the old bolt action rifle.

Cobalt is taking pre-orders and deliveries begin May 1st.

The basic model 27 Sentry is priced between $1,765.00 – $1,940.00.

Below: The 27 Expert, a competition-grade model, is priced at $3,495.00 – $3,760.00, so no this isn’t a cheap rifle. Then again, a lot of the components look to be of the highest quality.

Note the push-button safety below.

Yes, Cobalt Kinetics are planning to do an XL line of this rifle, large frame .308 pattern.

Potentially this could become a popular choice for hunters.

Why is the model called the 27? If you check the Periodic Table the atomic number for the element Cobalt is…you guessed it…27.

You can find a good overview of the 4 sub-models at Cobolt Kinetic’s 27 page.

What’s your take? Does this rifle have a chance on the marketplace?

I would have wished for an upper without a forward assist, to make it look even more slim.

Eric B
Eric B

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