Civilian Versions of VSS “Vintorez” Rifle Hit the Russian Market

    Tula Civilian VSS Vintorez (1)

    Russian Tula Arms Plant, the manufacturer of the VSS “Vintorez” integrally suppressed rifle, has recently added a couple of versions of the rifle to the list of civilian products on their website. In order to qualify as civilian firearms, these weapons were converted to semi-automatic only. Both rifles are chambered in 9x39mm just like the original VSS “Vintorez”.

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    One of the newly introduced rifles is called KO-VSS-01 (КО-ВСС-01). Its appearance is identical to the original Vintorez rifle. The manufacturer describes it as a hunting rifle. Interestingly they say that it “is intended for a professional and amateur hunting in all macroclimate types except for the humid tropical regions“. Unfortunately, there is no explanation why can’t it be used in a humid tropical climate. The KO-VSS-01 rifle comes with a side scope rail.

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    The second version of the rifle is designated as KO-VSS (КО-ВСС). The only difference from the first one is the existence of a Picatinny rail on the top cover of the receiver. All the other features of two rifles are identical according to the information published on the manufacturer’s website.

    Both rifles are fed from 10-round detachable double stack box magazines. The accuracy of these rifles is 3 MOA (7.5-centimeter groups at a 100-meter distance). The rifles have the following dimensions: length – 895mm (35″), height – 160mm (6.3″), width – 65mm (2.56″). Both rifles weigh 3 kilograms (6 lbs 10 oz) with an empty magazine and without ammunition.

    I assume that these rifles have fake suppressors because suppressors are highly regulated accessories in Russia.

    Earlier, a Russian company called Molot Arms (not to confuse with Molot Oruzhie which is the manufacturer of Vepr family of rifles) showed their prototypes of a civilian Vintorez.

    There is also a US company called Slagga Manufacturing which reverse engineers the Vintorez rifle. Slagga Manufacturing looks to be close to releasing their Vintorez replica which they call Viska. Right now the Viska rifles are available for preorder on Slagga Manufacturing website at an MSRP of $3,000.

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