New HK MP5 upgrades from Spuhr

    EnforceTac is an annual special trade show which only accepts visitors from official agencies, i.e. security agencies, Police and Special Forces and military personnel.

    The show has grown further in its seventh edition and hosted about 250 companies in three halls at the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg, Germany. You can find anything from (very) special vehicles to drones, clothes, optics to “mechanical” upgrades as in the case of Spuhr below.

    Some companies, like Spuhr, exhibit both at EnforceTac and IWA but some offer products which are for EnforceTac visitors only.

    At EnforceTac Spuhr shared a booth with POL-TEC, showing some of their current and new products to professional users.

    Below we’re going to look at what Spuhr can do with an (up to) 54-year-old baby, namely the Heckler & Koch MP5.

    Photo from Enforce Tac. MP5 with Surefire weapon lamp, Aimpoint on QD mount and new stock, Picatinny and hand guard. 40 mm grenade sights as well.


    Below: Photo from Spuhr’s Facebook. New Spuhr QD mount for the Aimpoint Micro.

    Author’s photos from EnforceTac in Germany 2018 below.



    Below: Prototype 3D printed vertical front grip for the Spuhr Interface. It doesn’t look very comfortable, and I’m not a huge fan of VFGs, but it did feel “just right” to hold and control on the MP5.

    Is the Spuhr interface a problem for their typical customer? I think not, as their customers most likely will use it for a full system of parts.

    You get a very flat top line on the HK MP5 with the rail, Picatinny and Spuhr Stock.


    The Spuhr MP5 upgrades, shown on a dummy, make it easier to see what is available and how the parts are attached to the gun. Aimpoint Micro mounted on this example.

    the vertical front grip as a prototype, 3D printed.

    The Spuhr QDM-2002: Aimpoint Micro/CompM5 Mount is $110.00


    You can find the Spuhr Homepage here, Mile High Shooting (USA) or their International dealers.

    Eric B

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