[IWA 2018] Makarov Carbine Tac Kit

    Makarov carbine kit image

    As I said in another article, I kept my eye out for things I don’t see here in the US while roaming the halls of IWA 2018. A large percentage of IWA is made up of airsoft and airgun manufacturers along with blank firing guns. MWM Gillman GmbH is a company that imports and makes full steel gun replicas. But what caught my eye was the image of the Makarov Carbine Tac Kit.

    See the giant poster above? It shows the various products they sell. And next to the Makarov pistols is the carbine kit. They sell blank firing and bb firing Makarov pistols.

    The pistols are what lead to the development of the Makarov Carbine kit. Unfortunately, they did not have one on display. I spoke with the owner and he said the carbine kit was a short run of 200 3D printed chassis that sold for €300. They are currently working on making an injection molded version. The 3D printed version was designed to work with the real handgun and blank firing handguns.  From the photo, it looks like the Makarov pistol is inserted somewhat like a Roni carbine. I am not sure what the extended magazine is from. It is probably for a blank firing pistol.

    Below are some of the replica pistols they make and sell.

    Here is a Glock styled blank firing gun.

    MWM Gillman also has a bullpup kit for their Glock styled blank gun. It too is 3D printed and I believe it is a slightly modified kit from SRU Precision. SRU Precision makes 3D printed bullpup kits for airsoft Glocks.

    SRU Precision bullpup kit

    See the airsoft chassis above? Now look down at this. Now look back up. And back down. I am typing this. Ok sorry, I had the Old Spice commercial in my head. But looking at the two, they are the same. Albeit a couple of aesthetic alterations like the pistol grip is no longer P90 styled. The handstop has been lengthened to act as a vertical grip.

    I am a little concerned about your firing hand placement which is forward of the muzzle of the gun. Of course, these are blank firing only and SRU Precision originally designed these for airsoft guns.

    I hope MWM Gillman finalizes the Makarov carbine kit and someone imports them into the US.

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