Straight-pull and “naked” AR15 from Oberland Arms

    Oberland Arms from Germany are on the offensive with a lot of new product launches at their home market, at the IWA Exhibition.

    They have developed a straight-pull rifle called OA-GZR. It’s not a pump, like the Troy PAR, for instance.

    The rifle is not a rebuilt semi-automatic either but designed from scratch as a manual repeating rifle.

    However, the design is clearly the same as an OA Black Label M5. My understanding is that the rifle has to be loaded manually via the normal AR15 charging handle, but I was not able to see so cannot confirm it 100%.

    Below: On the wall, OA-GZR manual. Prices around 1,900 USD.

    According to Oberland, this rifle will end up in the EU Firearms category C.

    Without going into the totally confusing (and soon changing) EU firearms legislation it can be said that A is where the soon-to-be-banned firearms can be found. B is getting there and C should be fine for a while. It seems this is called “yellow license” in Germany.

    In Germany and some other EU countries, getting a firearms license for a manual rifle should be a lot easier than a semi-automatic. However to my knowledge, larger than ten rounds in a magazine might still pose a problem (or rifles that can accept such magazines). But as the legislation in many EU countries have not been written yet it is difficult to say for sure.

    From the Oberland Arms price list:

    OA Gerade zugrepetierer (gelbe WBK) R-223-GZR-00081 OA-GZR .223Rem. Lauf 425mm optisch wie BL M5 1.560,00 €

    This means that MSRP is around 1,900 USD.

    The barrel length is 425 mm / 16,75″ and chambered in .223. There is no mentioning of a 308.

    A Troy PAR would probably be the closest comparison, but it comes with a pump mechanism.

    Unfortunately, there are no details on how the mechanism is designed. It doesn’t look like a pump as the handguard looks fixed.

    There is a normal charging handle by the looks of it, which is a bit disappointing.

    Regardless it does not have a left-hand charging handle, which would have been nice too.

    OA-15 Black Label M5 naked


    It seems the “Black Label” is back. This was a low-cost offering for customers who wanted a cheap (but quality) AR-15 rifle and wanted to purchase and build the furniture themselves.

    OA-15 Black Label for a low price. Without stock, but with Mil Spec Buffer tube.

    No hand guard / forend, but Mil Spec barrel groove and low profile gas sampling.

    No muzzle brake, but comes with threading M14x1.

    The MSRP is EUR 1,250, or roughly 1,500 USD.




    The stand was very busy. Unfortunately, as a non-German-speaking individual, it is quite difficult to get any help from some companies. I wish they would understand the International potential more.

    Eric B

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