TFB Exclusive: HERA Arms AR-10 CQR stock soon shipping in the US

    Hidden out of sight at the IWA exhibition in Germany, but TFB got a first exclusive look of the new CQR AR10 stock. Below you can see the first “live” pictures.

    There will also be a restricted version, with an aluminum plate instead of a hand/thumb hole. The restricted CQR will probably be quite big in California, and some other restricted states.

    I don’t know how many CQR stocks HERA have sold, but the first article “HERA Arms CQR Stock and CQR Front grip” hit the Top 10 most read articles here on TFB in 2016. I know a lot of people have been waiting for the AR10 version, and it’s now finally coming to the US.

    Below you can see the HERA Arms stand at IWA Germany 2018. This picture is taken by HERA, before the show started. During open hours the stand was very, very busy.

    And from the opposite side. I cannot remember that the HERA stand ever had so much on display before.

    What was not displayed openly was the new AR10 stock, but below you can see TFB’s exclusive pictures.


    Below: As usual, there is a Picatinny rail hidden under the lid, for your Accu-Shot monopod for instance.

    Note: The stock is for DPMS style AR10s only. It will NOT work for Armalite AR10.

    Details of the stock.

    Please note that the example shown is a prototype. The production parts are around very soon.




    As seen at the IWA Show. The AR-10 CQR is finished! shipping to the US in a week. Should be shipping to distributors in the US in about 2-3 weeks!

    Below: Yeah, I cut myself on a knife at the show. It’s a dangerous job, but someone’s gotta do it.

    Looking into the buffer. This is a prototype, so the production parts will not be uneven like this.


    I wasn’t aware, but HERA Arms has a show room in the USA (Utah). This pictures is a few years old and from their Facebook page, but gives you an idea´: “Here is the side wall of our new show room. You can see some rifles, pistols and the HERA stocks all ready to go! we hope you like it!!”

    Here’s another TFB exclusive picture. The HERA Arms AKM, with front and back grip. The front grip has to sit fairly forward, to allow for magazine changes.


    If you want to catch up with the other IWA news from HERA, check out these two TFB articles here and more here.


    It is said that the HERA Arms QGR AR10 stock will be available in the USA within a 2-3 weeks. I would probably add a week or two for safety, and allow some time for it to reach distrubutors.

    The price will be the same or very similar to the AR15 CQR stock.

    If you are looking for a low-cost stock, for your AR15, I was told that the new HERA CCS Push button and fixed stocks will be priced very aggressively. It will be interesting to see if HERA USA can manage to sell these directly to manufacturers of ARs or not?

    You can find HERA USA’s homepage here. The HERA Arms global site can be found here.

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