Chinese Commandos Deploy with QTS-11 Integrated Combat System

    Tv still showing sqaud with QTS-11

    Chinese Troops with the QTS-11 (CCTV)

    China’s People’s Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF) has equipped elements of its special operations forces with the QTS-11 infantry integrated combat system. The system includes China’s QTS-11/ZH-05 integrated rifle and 20mm grenade launcher.

    The 76th Special Operations Brigade of the 76th Group Army (AKA the Sirius Commandos) have been deployed on China’s western border with Pakistan. The unit was featured on China Central Television (CCTV) which highlighted that the new QTS-11 system is being issued to reconnaissance units of the Central Operational Command and includes more than just the integrated rifle and launcher.

    QTS-11 Weapon system

    Chinese QTS-11 in the field with Sirius Commandos (QQ/CCTV)

    The system includes an improved communications package and advanced electronic optics. The system which is similar in concept to the Heckler & Koch XM29 OICW and the S&T Motiv K11, is said to be extremely expensive but since its introduction in 2015, it appears to have been fielded with a number of units including PLA Marine Special Ops units and the Reconnaissance Battalion of the 112th Mechanized Infantry Division.

    The QTS-11 combines a QBZ-03 5.8×42mm assault rifle with a 20mm launcher, which is able to fire programmable airburst HE rounds. Unlike the earlier XM29 and K11, however, the QTS-11 has a single shot, bolt action launcher. Which can be seen in the photograph below. According to an article in the state-owned Global Times, the system is said to weigh “up to 7 kilograms” or 15.4 lbs.

    QTS-11 system in action

    Earlier photo of the ZH-05 rifle/launcher (Modern Firearms)

    Similar weapon systems have been tested before and North Korea have developed their own interpretation combining a Type 88 assault rifle with a launcher which appears to have a detachable box magazine.

    Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert, and TV commentator told the Global Times, that “the individual soldier combat system is only part of the digitalized army, something countries are attempting to do. Developing the integrated individual soldier combat system adapts to informatized warfare in the future”


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