A Light Machine Gun for Independence: The Israeli Dror

    The Israeli Dror Light Machine Gun was born during a time of necessity. What would later become the state of Israel was fighting off numerous enemies all around it and needed every weapon system possible. Through this endeavor, a sympathetic employer who formerly worked at Johnson Automatics helped supporters in the United States form a working copy of the M1944 Johnson LMG, fabricated in Canada, and then covertly shipped over to Israel where production was completed.

    Unfortunately, the Dror had a number of issues in being an LMG design. It tended to be very inaccurate in fully automatic and extremely uncomfortable to shoot. It was very good as a single shot weapon but this wasn’t at all the design intention. In addition, it was only employed in 1951, years after the crucial fight of 1948 had occurred. Even then, only 3,000-4,000 production guns were actually produced and issued to the IDF.

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