TorkMag’s New 1911-Block .45ACP AR-15 Mag Well Adapter

    Torkmag 45acp AR-15 kit

    TorkMag had a new product on display at the 2018 SHOT Show but not much info was available to us then, well they’ve finally released details on their Facebook page. They’re calling it the 1911-Block .45ACP Magwell Adapter and as the name implies it’s a conversion kit that allows you to use .45ACP 1911 magazines in your AR-15 lower receiver.

    At SHOT Show 2017 TorkMag debuted their Glock magazine AR-15 mag well kits as well a their 20 round 9mm Glock mags.┬áTheir new 1911-Block locks into your AR-15 mag well via the mag catch. To release the 1911 mags during mag changes you have to press a lever release on the right side of the 1911-Block. However TorkMag is working on a magazine release extension for their final production version that allows you to drop a mag much quicker and easier with your trigger finger. A final MSRP hasn’t been set yet but TorkMag is expecting it will be under $100, check out for more info.

    From TorkMag’s Facebook post

    After a fantastic response at SHOT Show 2018, we’re proud to officially announce our 1911-Block magwell adapter for .45ACP (and 10mm, and 9mm…) AR uppers! The entire unit locks into the AR15 mag catch, and a lever-style release on the adapter’s right side engages the 1911 magazine’s catch slot. The production version will feature a magazine release extension that runs to the back corner of the adapter, allowing the shooter to drop an empty mag with their trigger finger.

    .45ACP is the market’s second most popular pistol cartridge next to 9mm and we see a big future for .45 caliber carbines! Most dedicated lowers on the market use Glock 21 magazines, but the 1911 is the uncontested .45ACP champ. TorkMag will be rolling out the red carpet in 2018 for gun owners who’ve been left out of the carbine game until now!

    MSRP TBA but less than $100. All further inquiries may be directed to sales at torkmag dot com.

    Torkmag 45acp AR-15 kit

    Torkmag 45acp AR-15 kit

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