TorkMag 20rd Glock Mags and AR Lower Conversion Kits | SHOT 2017

    TorkMag showed off a few new products at the 2017 SHOT Show. They debuted a new 20 round Glock magazine as well as a conversion kit for the AR-15 that allows you to use Glock mags. If you don’t remember TorkMag, a few years back Patrick R did a review of the Torkmag-50 where it came apart during the review. TorkMag redeemed themselves in our second chance review when they improved upon their design from a two piece mold (which split) to a one piece mold and the mag functioned reliably.

    They’ve brought their innovative dual spring system over to their new 20 round 9mm Glock mags. Their new 20 rounders are around the same size as a standard Glock 17/34 mag and like with their 50 and 35 round mags they’re injection molded polymer. There’s no set MSRP or release date but the folks over at TorkMag have said they’re on the way.

    Their other new product for 2017 is their conversion kit that allows your AR-15 lower to accept both 9mm and .40 S&W Glock mags. Their G-Block Conversion Kits fits in any standard AR-15 magwell and will retail for just $70, they’re expected to be available this summer. Check out for more info.

    Top view of the Torkmag Glock Mag Kit with a mag inserted.

    Bottom view of the mag kit.

    Demo on how Torkmag’s dual spring system works.

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