POTD: Fire Breathing Kel-Tec PMR-30

    My friend Meng captured this image when I took him and some other friends out to shoot some of my guns. We started late and by the time we hit the range we had an hour left of daylight. Luckily we all had flashlights and I brought my night vision.

    One of the guns I brought along was my PMR-30. It is the 30rd handgun by Kel-Tec and chambered in .22 magnum. Because of the short barrel, there is a significant muzzle flash.

    Meng used the slow motion video setting on his phone. Then he screen capped the shot of me firing the PMR-30.

    The PMR-30 has a significant conflagration coming out of the muzzle. Keltec does make a muzzle brake for the PMR-30 but I am skeptical about its efficacy.

    Edit: Ok it is actually a flash suppressor. The threaded barrels are threaded 3/8×28 instead of the typical 1/2×28. This is partially due to the thickness of the barrel and to prevent people from suppressing the PMR-30.

    Due to the unique locking action of the PMR-30 pistol and the lightweight slide and barrel, the use of a suppressor is not recommended as it will cause an increase in gas volume and pressure and the slide will likely unlock early. This will cause an increase in gases and residue that is ejected back towards the shooters face and could also cause a case rupture to occur. Any damage or injuries caused by the use of a suppressor or other heavy weight muzzle device attached to the PMR-30 pistol will not be covered by any Warranty.