POTD: Freak Show Prone Shooting Position

    I found this photo on US Army WTF! Moments Facebook page. This soldier is using an unorthodox shooting position. Yes that is a female soldier and please keep your comments clean and appropriate. The position is apparently called Freak Show Prone and was created by Pat McNamara


    AZRifleman demonstrates this position in his BRM sitting article. He states that the Freak Show Prone position is halfway between sitting and prone.

    I question the purpose of this position other than for competition and speed. Also this position does require a certain degree of flexibility. But how is this better than just getting into a normal prone position? In Pat’s video above, he goes from “rice paddy prone” to his modified sitting “Freak Show Prone” and then into an actual prone shooting position. Going back to his Rice Paddy prone, this is actually the “Asian Squat” but with a rifle. The Freak Show Prone seems like a niche position that does not really have a purpose other than “look at how flexible I am”. Do you see an actual benefit to using the Freak Show Prone position with regards to shooting?