New 60-round 5.45×39 Magazines made by Puf Gun

    PUF GUN, based in Chelyabinsk Russia, have released new 60-round 5.45×39 mm magazines for the AK platform.

    I suppose there are not too many rifles in civilian ownership available at the moment, but perhaps the market will pick up and there might be some forces that will appreciate doubling the capacity.

    The magazines looks like they are of high quality, but the quality and function is hard to judge without actually field testing them over time.

    It would be interesting to see how the stacking works in these magazines, but unfortunately there are no pictures of the design or a filled transparent magazine.

    You can find a direct link to the Puf Gun product page here:

    With a bit of help from Google’s Auto translation we find out these facts:

    Caliber:      5.45×39 mm

    Capacity:      60

    Weight:      268 (grams, I suppose)

    Colour:      Khaki, Black, Olive, Sand

    Material:      High strength polyamide

    Manufacturer: PUFGUN (Russia)

    The price is mentioned as 4 090 Russian rubles, which equates to around 72 US Dollars.


    Below: Image by Konstantin Lazarev. As you can see these magazines exist in reality, not just a computer generated image.

    Below: Image by by Konstantin Lazarev.

    There might be some IPSC practical shooters that will appreciate these as well.

    You can find the rest of the Puf Gun magazines here:

    The 9 mm magazines look really nice too. They also make magazines for the 366 TKM “shotgun”.

    Eric B

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