Girls With Guns Brings Grey-Woman Collection

    The theme for this year’s SHOT Show 2018 (for this writer, at least) was the focus on the female shooter. Not surprisingly, there were more female-centered booths this year than any other year in SHOT Show history. One such booth was the Girls With Guns (GWG) booth.

    Filling a Niche

    In 2009, 2 female hunting friends got together and discovered that most of the hunting apparel was made for the male shape and build – Girls with Guns was born!

    The company focuses on a broad line of clothing for the female shooter – hunting, tactical, fashion, and athletic.

    Julie Golob (Team Smith & Wesson) helped field-test various pieces of the GWG clothing line, as did Beth Walker (3-Gun).

    It was important to Jen and Norissa – GWG founders – that the clothing line be moveable, functional, yet flattering.

    GWG creates a women's shooting clothing line that's moveable, functional, yet flattering.

    GWG creates a women’s shooting clothing line that’s moveable, functional, yet flattering.

    Practical Tactical

    The company’s ‘practical tactical’ line attracted the most attention at SHOT Show this year. From the adjustable waistline to the adjustable inseam the clothing is both comfortable yet…well, practical. After all, not all women are the same size and shape.

    Set to launch July 2018, the Practical Tactical pants have with an MSRP of $69.99 and have a 4-way stretch fabric that makes them almost like EDC yoga pants, but better!

    The matching vest is only $79.99 and doesn’t LOOK like a concealed carry vest. The “practical tactical” line was designed so that you don’t look like you’ve just come from the range. Very “grey woman”.

    GWG carries an entire line of hunting clothing for women, long and short tees, fur-lined hoodies, and more.

    Their Back the Blue initiative donated to 3 different local K9 units and continues to support local law enforcement.

    Girls With Guns isn’t a company solely focused on clothing! They have their roots in hunting, after all!

    Girls with Guns creates breathable, durable clothing for the female hunter.

    Girls with Guns creates breathable, durable clothing for the female hunter.

    More Than Just Clothing

    Girls With Guns TV travels all across the world field testing their own gear, hunting, and looking for new ideas.

    The culture and lifestyle that GWG creates offers an atmosphere of empowered, strong women who retain their femininity in a society where a lot of women feel pressured to choose between being strong or feminine.

    For the latest in GWG gear, check out their website for the 2018 line of Practical Tactical clothing coming soon.

    Don’t miss Team GWG in various shooting events across the US, as well as their dedication to Project Childsafe (more on that in an article to come)!

    Rachel Y

    Rachel Young is a 4x Best Selling Author. She and her husband John co-own an FFL/SOT showroom and machine shop in Tennessee, specializing in ARs, AR parts, and AR accessories.