G.P.S Wild About Shooting, Range Bags

    In an age where everything has to be “Tactical”, GPS gets to the point (although the company does have some “tactical” themed lines”). The company was founded by a Trap and Skeet shooter who simply needed a better way to carry range equipment back and forth. What I’ve always liked about the company is their vision to make a shooting bag tailored for a shooters needs. Different pockets purely made for magazines, cleaning rod holders, separate ammunition storage compartments, etc… A range bag really needs this sort of design input because of the peculiar things needed during a training session. Such as the fact that the bag needs to support a large amount of weight (such as firearms and ammunition). But at the same time, you’re not going to be running through an obstacle course with the equipment.

    You can tell the company is thinking about some of the finer points at the range features such as the “Lift Port” and a quickly accessible rain pouch.

    New for this year is the companies new Visual I.D. Storage System, which they actually went through the process to patent. Previously with GPS bags the company essentially designated pockets with different logos for their intended use. One pocket for eye protection, another for multi-tools. With this system, there are simply velcro tabs on all the pockets, and different patches that come with the system. This way a shooter can rearrange any of the pockets for any particular piece of equipment. Below is a snapshot of the different patches on the webpage, but apparently there are more patches based on the equipment required by a rifle shooter being different by a handgun shooter, and then with a shotgun shooter.

    Personally, I think a single company can’t make enough patches for all the available items I could possibly take to the range. For example, I often take dummy rounds or snap caps. Where is the snap cap patch? Maybe a better solution would be to have a sort of system where one could write something on an erasable material that is attached to the pouches. Or translucent slats I can fit cardboard behind.

    Also new for this year is a system wherein the inner pocket on some of the range bags is velcro. To be placed on this velcro are stiffened fabric cups for ammunition organization while shooting.

    With this new system was their Executive Backpack on display. Currently, I use their Handgunner, which you can read a review about here. Looking at the Executive, it appears to solve some of the issues I have with the Handgunner, which by itself is an excellent pack. But the carrying handle starts ripping with the weight, there is no good place to put paper targets unless you shove them down the back, and the ammunition storage sags somewhat when you put a large amount of ammunition in it. The Executive has a huge inner storage area that would be great for ammunition storage because the entire pack is essentially supporting it.


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