POTD: Spotted at SHOT: Gaston’s personal, one-of-a-kind Glock

    It isn’t every day one sees a Glock on an airport runway, let alone Gaston’s personal Glock.  Yet there I was, landing in Vegas for SHOT 2018 when I spied this one-of-a-kind Glock off the side of the taxiway at McCarran International Airport

    Here are the specs:

    • Color: White with grey accents
    • Capacity: 19 (depending on configuration)
    • Velocity: 865fps
    • Range: 11714km
    • Length: 99’5″
    • Height: 25’5″
    • Empty weight: 51,200lbs/23,224kg

    Never gonna give you up:

    By now, you probably guessed it:  I’m not talking about a firearm, but rather one of Glock’s corporate jets, a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express to be precise.  Unlike many other Glocks, the maintenance on this one is not quick, infrequent, or easy at all.  Seeing this right upon landing was one of those sights that was a good omen to kick off a great SHOT show.  As always, thanks for checking out all our SHOT 2018 coverage here at TFB.

    Sorry for the graininess, had to quickly snap a max-zoomed photo from my phone as we were taxiing.