[SHOT 2018] Surefire

by Miles

In today’s episode, we follow Miles to Shot Show 2018 at the Surefire booth.

Miles talks to Andrew about the new M600 DF which is their new lithium and rechargeable scout light boasting 1500 lumens when used with rechargeable 18650 batteries. The mini scout lights have also been upgraded with the M300c model to provide 500 lumens from a single cr123 battery. Next, Andrew presents Surefire’s new handgun lights starting with the XH35. The XH35 offers 300 or 1000 lumen output along with a strobe feature. The toggle switches on the bottom control the output or strobe features. The XH55G is very similar to the XH35 but adds the capability of a top-mounted green laser to reduce the height over bore.

Many people utilize a handheld light for their every day carry (EDC) and surefire has released a new light for those end users with the EDCL 1 and EDCL 2. The 1 and 2 designate the number of cr123 batteries. The EDC 1 offers 500 lumens and the EDCL2 has a 1200 lumen output with 2 batteries or 6 volts.

The Dual Fuel Furry tactical light was also released for 2018 with an incredible max output of 1,500 lumens and uses 2 cr123s or 18650 rechargeable.

Finally, we checked out the new Socom 260 SPS which is a full titanium suppressor for 260 and 6.5 providing a very light can in a durable package. Like all other Socom cans, it will also be compatible with surefire muzzle devices for quick detach.

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