[SHOT 2018] Universal 1911, IWB Holsters and the MHS Competition with Safariland

    In today’s episode, we follow Miles to Shot Show 2018 and visit the Safariland booth to look at some new holster offerings for 2018.

    First, we take a look at the new 1911 ALS OWB holster. The beauty of this holster is that it allows for 1911s with or without a rail. This holster also uses the Safariland 3 hole pattern that enables modularity in mounting to belt loop, drop leg, etc.

    The model 557 is also new for 2018, offering a new pancake holster that can be used with pistols with or without a weapon mounted light. Light molding is compatible with both the Streamlight tlr1 and surefire x300.

    The model 17 is a smaller holster designed for inside the waistband carry and was designed for Puerto Rico Police Department. This holster retails for a staggering $29!

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