[SHOT 2018] UM Tactical Integrally Suppressed 9mm AR And Configurable OIWB Holster

    Last time I saw UM tactical was over a year ago at the 2016 October Big 3 East Media event. Well they have finalized their integrally suppressed SS9 9mm AR. An integrally suppressed AR is not usually interesting as there are plenty of other versions out on the market. But what if I told you you could shoot super AND sub sonic ammo out of this gun? The iconic integrally suppressed MP5SD is the benchmark for such guns and yet it is not a good idea to shoot sub sonic ammo. According to Brian, founder and owner of UM Tactical, he tested it against a Gemtech with sub sonic loads and the SS9 was quieter. The suppressor is user serviceable but unfortunately it is detachable just like the MP5SD so the SS9 is a two stamp gun. This one has a 6.75″ barrel. MSRP on the SS9 is $2800. They do offer the upper separately.

    UM Tactical has been making holsters for some of their gear like their sight mount and concealed carry holsters. Due to LE feedback Brian created the Qualifier holster. Certain LE officers would carry guns like the GLock 43 but since it is not issued, they have to carry it OWB in order to qualify. This presents an issue with having to acquire an OWB holster just for qualification. Brian came up with this OWB Steel Flex belt loop.

    You simply swap out the Steel Flex belt loop for your IWB belt clip.

    The Steel Flex belt loop is laser cut from a proprietary material. It has a finish like burnished steel

    The Steel Flex material is very flexible but with enough rigidity to be secure when worn on the belt. Look at how much I was able to fold and compress the material and it was not stressed at all.

    The Qualifier holster is available for $50.99.


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